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Vitor Jesus has 20 years of experience split between Industry and Academia. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and industry certifications in Cyber Security and Data Privacy. Having held lead technical roles at large and small organisations, he currently holds lectureship positions in Cyber Security and Privacy. He is the founder of PrivDash with a new approach to Data Protection, the mentor and lead in several funded projects in Security and Privacy, and an active member in communities and standards (e.g., expert member of BSI for ISO, UK’s SPRITE+ Network, IoT Security Foundation or Kantara Initiative). He’s a frequent reviewer in conferences and journals, discussion panel participant and co-chair of the COnSeNT workshop (with IEEE Euro S&P). He’s also a consultant, especially interested in working with start-ups and small businesses looking to different approaches to architectures, security and privacy. He is currently a Lecturer with Aston University (UK), looking at real-world problems and designing trusted, secure, efficient and usable systems.

His current research and professional interests are in “Trust”: systems where trust is embedded in services, networks, protocols, interfaces or devices. Cyber-resilience and/or a Privacy-respecting Web are only two examples. We live a world where Trust is an invisible element in society and it is nearly always exploitable. It can bring down a business, a community, or a country, whether it is the Internet, the Enterprise, Cars, Medical devices, Factories or Cities.